Bartender Challenge brings in $3k for CARES

by nathan oster

The 2012 Bartender Challenge was another huge success, as the Smokehouse Saloon and its many patrons throughout the day Saturday raised more than $3,000 for the Wyoming CARES organization.

Denny Freier, who along with her husband Doug owns the Smokehouse, said the event might top $4,000 by the time it wraps up at the end of this month.

The Bartender Challenge featured a balloon pop for prizes donated by local business and a mixed couples dart tournament that was won by Kenny Hernandez of Worland and Mitsie Brown of Basin.

A coat rack made by Dallas Edeler brought in $500.

The bar’s “cuss jar” generated another $116.

And a late addition to the lineup was a whipped cream pie in the face contest that brought in a whopping $585.  “We could have raised a lot more … but we ran out of whipped cream,” said Denny. “Next year we’ll have more of it.”

And as of Tuesday, a spin wheel at the bar had brought in $817, and there are still prizes on it.

“What a great day,” said Denny. “Not only did we meet our goal, but we went way beyond it.”

On Monday, she sent $3,331 to the Casper office of CARES.  When the $322 that she had sent in prior to the event is included, the Smokehouse’s contribution to the cause climbs to $3,653.