Shell Creek: ‘moderate to high’ flood potential

by nathan oster

Shell Creek, Tensleep Creek and the Nowood River continue to be listed in the category for “moderate to high potential for snowmelt runoff flooding” on the latest report from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

“Snow water equivalents (SWEs) continued to steadily increase along the western and eastern slopes of the Big Horn Mountains from February through early March,” wrote Jim Fahey, a NOAA hydrologist based in Riverton. “Mountain snowpack “water” numbers continued to improve across the rest of Wyoming during the month; but by early March, SWEs continued to be below average across the majority of western, central, and southern Wyoming headwater watersheds.

“Headwater creeks and streams along the Shoshone, Powder, and Tongue Drainages continued to have above normal snowpack “water” numbers by early March.”

Other hydrological information for Wyoming can be found at the NOAA hydrology website: