‘The Wall – A Pilgrimage’ on stage this week

Seven aspiring Greybull High School actors and actresses will present “The Wall – A Pilgrimage” Friday and Saturday at 7:30 p.m. in the Greybull High School auditorium.

The cast includes Cesar Garay as “Billy,” Sammi Stewart, “Mrs. Pearson,” Matt Dillon, “Mr. Pearson,” Alex Preis, “Janie,” Emma Nelson as “Aunt Clarissa,” Ezra Hanson as “J.D.” and Lynae McBride as “Lisa.”

“The Wall” is the Vietnam Memorial.

The “Pilgrimage” is the journey the Pearson family takes to the Wall 20 years after their son “Billy” was killed in the Vietnam War. Each shares what has happened to him/her in the ensuing 20 years.

“Billy,” the fallen soldier, never actually appears. Garay acts as the host soldier, in full uniform, at the Memorial. “The family sees him, talks to him – he is like a surrogate Billy,” explains director Ted Menke.

Mother (Stewart) is the drive behind the pilgrimage, saying the family “needs to go back and close the doors we have had in our hearts all this time.”

“Billy’s father (Dillon) fights it, doesn’t want to go, stands apart from the group, and after all the rest have spoken, comes out and says his goodbyes.”

According to Menke, “I thought this (subject) was very important at this point in time, when the country (is trying) to withdraw from wars, get over things.

“I think Vietnam veterans, as well as those from the Korean War and World War II, will understand; they will have had some of the same experiences.”

In fact, Menke said the play is relevant to “anyone who has lost someone who kind of needs to sit down and talk about it.”

Admission is $2 or donations of canned goods to benefit the Community Outreach food bank.