Davison receives probation in plea deal

By jennifer butler

Former Big Horn County Sheriffs Department employee, Brandi Davison, had a change of plea hearing and was sentenced on Thursday, Sept. 6 in District Court on larceny charges.

After Davison entered a guilty plea on one count each of felonious and misdemeanor larceny charges, Judge Robert E. Skar, accepted the plea agreement that was established between Davison and the Big Horn County Attorney’s Office. The misdemeanor charge was added as a part of the plea agreement.

She was sentence to five years of supervised probation after utilizing the Wyoming Statue 7-13-301. She was also ordered to pay full restitution of $17,569. According to the judge she has repaid around $9,000 already, but will be required to repay the full amount.

The 7-13-301 statute is a prosecution deferment. The felony charges are deferred and then dismissed if the defendant successfully completes supervised probation. The statute can only be utilized once in a lifetime. The misdemeanor will remain on Davison’s record.

While Davison was employed by the Big Horn County Sheriff’s Department and Youth Alternatives from January 2006 to June 2010, she admitted to embezzling funds from the county and from the Volunteers of American – Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention grant that helped fund her juvenile probation position.

She admitted stealing amounts both under and above $1,000.

On Monday, Sept. 19 of last year, Davidson admitted to law enforcement that she falsified invoices and vouchers. She had submitted request for reimbursement from the grant for purchases for items such as urinalysis kits, mileage, automotive supply and other items.

During Davison’s sentencing, her attorney, Nick Badoon, said that the funds that were embezzled during this time were used to help her family and not to support a lavish lifestyle or to purchase illegal substances.

Skar said there was an opportunity for the court to deny the plea agreement and deny the use of W.S. 7-13-301, but because he believes this is a one-time offense and she is truly remorseful for her actions, he approved it. He said he also considered her willingness to and actively paying her restitution.

Davison said during her hearing that what she did was wrong and she will accept the sentencing the judge sees fit. She added that she would never do it again.

Skar said, a level of trust that was established has now been lost in the community. Some has been restored by repayment of the restitution and her willingness to work with authorities.