Foley, Collingwood win council seats

by nathan oster

Voters in Tuesday’s general election backed Myles Foley and Clay Collingwood in the three-man race for a pair of seats on the Greybull Town Council.  Foley and Collingwood will replace Jan Johnson and Kay Fleek, neither of whom sought re-election, and serve four-year terms.

“I’m pretty happy,” said Foley, when informed that he was the top vote getter, with 494 votes. “I’m looking forward to working with the town and the people to see what we can get accomplished in the next four years.”

Foley, who owns the Historic Hotel Greybull, said he didn’t actively campaign for the position, but “shook hands with a lot of people who came in…and I appreciate the confidence they showed in me.”

Collingwood, part-owner of family-run Collingwood Construction, ran a strong second with 478 votes, just 16 fewer than Foley’s total.  The two were also the top vote-getters in the August primary election.

Collingwood could not be reached for comment Tuesday night.

Les Lowe finished third with 183 votes, while Rod Collingwood, who withdrew from the race in October, still tallied 134 votes.