Fitness center to close March 1

by nathan oster

The Greybull Fitness Center will be closing for good at the end of the month.

Owner Jeraline Bachman on Monday announced her impending retirement, calling it a difficult decision but one she felt she had to make due to “changing circumstances” in the market.

Gottsche has moved out of the Wyoming Retirement Center and into downtown Basin, and with the additional space that was gained, it will be able to do more in terms of fitness offerings.

Bachman said the Basin-Greybull community isn’t large enough to support both facilities, but she emphasized that Gottsche’s move is a positive thing overall.

Bachman hopes the seniors who have been using her facility will travel the seven miles to check out what Gottsche has to offer, and that she will be retiring with no ill will whatsoever.

She owned the fitness center for eight years, and while initially it was run by her daughters, she and her office manager, Suzen Yarborough, have been at the helm in recent years.

“I just want everyone to know how much I appreciate their loyalty and friendship,” Bachman said. “We did have some wonderful people, including some who have been with us since the beginning.”

As for all the fitness equipment that she has acquired, Bachman said she isn’t planning to sell it, at least it first.  She’ll shut the business for good on Feb. 28, then “let it set” for a time, in case anyone else in the community might want to purchase it from her.