Robertson is Teacher of the Year

By marlys good

Greybull High School special educator Dee Robertson has been recognized as Big Horn County School District No. 3 teacher of the year.  Superintendent of Public Instruction Cindy Hill made the announcement.

Robertson will receive an engraved notebook and crystal apple award in recognition of the honor.

Robertson’s interest in special education was sparked when she was in high school and the counselor scheduled her to be a teacher’s aide for the special education teacher. “The special education teacher had me work with students doing different things and I fell in love with it,” she recalls.

An educator since 1984 (starting in Niobrara County), she said “I am inspired by the challenge of finding or creating ways for students to learn; and I love being around high school students.”

Robertson said each student comes to the classroom with a different learning style. “My job is to inspire them by finding the way they will learn and succeed no matter the subject. By the time some of them get to high school they can come with a long line of failure. It is always a challenge, but one that is so worth the struggle.”

Robertson said she knows when she is successful with the students. “When they tell you that you have made something make sense, that you changed how they see themselves, that you really listened and cared, or they thank you for the time you spent with them. That is real and it means the most to me.”

Earning teacher of the year honors, Robertson said, is the “ultimate pat on the back from the district. I came to this job four years ago with a vision of what I wanted my program to look like. I have had the full support of my paraprofessionals, the staff at the high school and the administration in this vision; my job is never done alone.”

Supt. Barry Bryant said, “Dee is an asset for our students and truly deserves teacher of the year. She relates well to our students and rises to the challenge. Her students are constantly engaged in learning.”

Gary Meredith, who was superintendent at the time of the nomination, said Robertson’s flexibility in working with students “has earned her a reputation as an excellent teacher who truly cares about people.”

Robertson said simply, “It looks like I am headed in the right direction.”