Rec district seeks coordinator of sports programs

by nathan oster

A reshuffling of the deck has the Greybull Recreation District in the market for a program coordinator to oversee its various adult and youth athletic programs.

Since Heather Howe’s promotion to fill the director’s post, the district’s board of directors had been looking to fill the assistant director position that she held during the last part of Chris Waite’s tenure.

But the board deviated from that plan Monday night, hiring Trista Williams to serve as a supervisor and office assistant.  Williams had been serving as the assistant director on an interim basis.

After emerging from an executive session, the board agreed to create the new program coordinator position “to work toward improving athletics in the district.”

The job description that appears in this week’s issue sets the parameters. It’s a part-time job, and the new hire will work under the guidance of the director in “supervising, planning, creating and organizing adult and youth leagues approved by the rec board.”

The program coordinator will also assist in the supervision of league sports, support the staff during special events, large programs and summer activities.

He or she may also coach or teach programs, assist with the roller rink, prep fields, maintain equipment and maintain the security of facilities and programs.

The application period closes July 5.


Lifeguards needed

Howe said there’s good news and bad news to report with respect to swimming lessons.

She has lined up a place, the pool at the Greybull KOA, and developed a waiver form for participants, similar to the ones children are asked to sign for other recreation district activities.

The dates have even been set.  The district is planning two weeks of lessons, starting Monday, July 8 and running through Friday, July 29.  There will be two sessions — one starting at 10 a.m., the other at 10:30 a.m. — and they will be geared toward beginning swimmers.

Howe emphasized that space would be limited, with just 10 spots available in each session.

Cassie Russell will oversee the two-week program.

The bad news?  It’ll all be a moot point, if the district can’t find another lifeguard.  Howe said she’s hired one lifeguard, but that at least two are needed.

“They don’t have to be certified lifeguards, either,” she said.

If you’re interested in serving as a lifeguard, basically between the hours of 9:30 and 11:15 a.m. Monday through Friday for two straight weeks, contact Howe, 765-9575.

In other business Monday night:

• The rec board awarded the bid to install new flooring in the kitchen area of the Herb Asp Community Center to Loren Alberts of Basin.

Alberts was the lowest of three bidders, coming in at $1,997, and to reinforce the award, several board members stated that they’d hired him in the past and that he’d always done a good job.

• The rec board plans to seek estimates for a new air conditioning system for the Herb Asp Community Center.  “We need to get started on it,” said Mike Carlson, the board chair.  “If we keep waiting for a grant or for someone else to pay for it, it’s not going to happen.”

• As part of the pool report, the board announced that Amy Kania, the pool manager, had officially submitted a letter of resignation.

• Howe announced that she’d discussed intramural and league sports issues with GES Principal Brenda Jinks.

The school is getting a new PE teacher in the fall, and Howe said she may organize more “kickoff days” with elementary gym classes, timing them to coincide with signup periods for the various sports offered by the district.

There is also going to be a push to offer more sports camps, not only for kids in grade three through five but also “junior” camps for kids in grades kindergarten through second.

Howe said an organizational meeting for baseball would be held next March, long before the season.  The district recently agreed to play a greater role in organizing the sport.

• In her director’s report, Howe stated that Double R Service had installed door wraps on the doors leading to the kitchen, conference room and both bathrooms, at total cost of $389.  The doors now close and latch properly, whereas before, they did not.

The storms that rolled through the area last week, bringing hail, high winds and rain, did some damage to the Herb Asp Community Center.  According to Howe, there were leaks and puddles of water on the floor.  Several tiles showed water damage.

Lastly, she said the Wyoming Department of Workforce Services program that paid for Ivy Roberton to assist in recreation district offerings had been cut drastically — to the point where Robertson can only be paid for 220 more hours between now and January, 2014.  Howe said Robertson’s been invaluable, particularly in roller rink support.