Exit, stage left, for Jaycox

For the last five years, Michael Jaycox has delighted students and the community with music, drama and more. From taking on a major role in spring plays to his nearly ubiquitous presence at the podium during musical performances, the burgeoning music educator will step away from the conductor’s podium in Greybull and hang up his baton.

“I’m going to miss the kids,” he said. “They’re great kids and I’ve really enjoyed getting to know them.”

Hired in 2012 to teach secondary music, Jaycox, whose primary passion has always been elementary education, spoke highly of his tenure at Greybull schools. He leaves BHCSD3 at the end of this school year for a job teaching elementary music in Powell. While Jaycox expressed excitement about the new position, he said he wouldn’t have been able to get the job without everything he’s learned in Greybull.

“I’ve really been able to hone my skills as a teacher,” he said. “With the amount of work I’ve had and planning I had to do, I’ve become a very efficient teacher.”

Jaycox cited former GES music teacher Darla Haller as both a mentor and source of inspiration.

“We collaborated very well when we had the opportunity,” he said, adding that they were able to do a lot together. “It was really cool to collaborate with Darla — I would help her with programs and go to elementary clinics with her.”

In his new job at Parkside and Clark Elementary, Jaycox will be part of a team of elementary music educators. While he enjoyed spearheading the elementary music program in Greybull, he said he looks forward to collaborating and learning from more experienced teachers.

“I’m looking forward to being part of [their] music team,” he said. “I’ll have a lot of collaboration time with the other teachers — all of which are more experienced than I am. I’m very excited to work with them.”

Jaycox plans to continue in his role as treasurer for the Greybull Arts Council, adding that he plans to serve as de facto adviser down the line.

“It was a great chapter of my life and I’m glad that I had it — it’s made me who I am today,” he said. “It’s time to move on through — time for me to go somewhere bigger.”